Haiti not-for-profit farm near of Port Au Prince

Haiti not-for-profit farm near of Port Au Prince

Customer goal:

Expand 10 year old not-for-profit farm with less reliance on the diesel supply and to show the local people what can be done with solar and how to install it.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the patchwork of infrastructure that serviced outlying communities was all but nonexistent. Seeing a long term need, we partnered with Florida-based charities to help bring power to this not-for-profit farm which powers the water filtration system that was already installed and critical for the health of the farm and other community members.


We were able to install and get the system was up and running in 2 days using all local labor guided by our engineer who we sent to down to train and supervise the local workers.

Design: Off Grid hybrid solar/generator design utilizing computer control of the generator for battery charging when loads are high or the sun is out.

Collectors: Unisolar laminates that are break and theft resilient.

Inverters: Two SMA Sunny Island inverters with Rolls flooded batteries and one 6,000W SMA grid tie inverter feeding the remote “island grid”