Private Island in Lower Keys

Private Island in Lower Keys

Customer goal: Eliminate as much as possible of a $11,000 average propane bill per month (no diesel allowed) utilizing PV system with battery back up and storage.

Result: System up and running even though old generator is off line and new backup generator has not arrived yet.

Collectors: 24,205 watts of solar collectors consisting of 103 235 W REC Solar panels installed on 2 buildings on 4 roof planes.

Inverters: 4 SUNNY ISLAND Battery inverters, 1 SMA SB7000, one SMA SB6000, 4 SB2000HFUS inverters arranged in an AC coupled system.

Batteries: Over 6700 Amp hours @ 48 volts with automatic watering system. Three levels of redundancy built into the system for worry free quiet lifetime power. Also, Solar thermal system to heat the water, Solar pool pumping to circulate the pool water.