Our Work

Private Island in Lower Keys
Customer goal: Eliminate as much as possible of a $11,000 average propane bill per month (no diesel allowed) utilizing PV
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Private Island
Customer goal: Have power available during construction without constantly running a generator and then add renewable energy. Result: Successfully installed
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Haiti not-for-profit farm near of Port Au Prince
Customer goal: Expand 10 year old not-for-profit farm with less reliance on the diesel supply and to show the local
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Adam’s Key, Biscayne National Park
  Customer goal: Reduce Diesel consumption by 90% or more on an off grid island. Adam’s Key houses year-round NPS
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Rural Alabama Four Power Source Waterfront Home
Customer goal: Cut electric bill to almost nothing in a state where net metering is not true net AND allow
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Tropical Shipping, St Thomas USVI
Customer goal: Lower energy use on Tropical Shipping’s Facility in St Thomas USVI. Result: Solar  was operational for several mounts
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  Customer goal: Reduce propane bill and maintenance bill for generator while providing a more quiet environment for visitors of
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Cable Mill at Cades Cove – Great Smoky Mtns National Park
     Customer goals: Stop generator run time during the day Save 75% of the fuel costs Reduce generator maintenance and
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Cable Mill at Cades Cove – Smoky Mtn. National Park
Customer goal: Use excess power to pump water to large storage tank to fill needs for Cable Mill area without
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Sugarlands Visitor Center – Smoky Mtn. National Park
Customer goal: Repurpose 40 55 watt solar panels that were installed in 1994 so they can be reused to help
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Surfboard Storage and Maintenance Building
Customer goal: Off grid building needed power for lights, fans and tools. Result: Building is operational with no backup power.
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5-Star Island Resort Off of Panama
Customer goal: Build the first five-star resort that is completely powered by solar. Result: Construction has begun and expected to
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72KW Off-Grid Battery Primary Install in the Bahamas
Customer goal: Reduce Diesel consumption by 70% or more on an off-grid island in the Exumas. The system is currently
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